Legal Research and Writing Guide

Legal Research and Writing are two skills that are considered indispensable to law students and lawyers alike. At the same time, writing a well-crafted article/blog post, case-comment etc. is not an easy task. To communicate one’s views/opinions in simple yet influencing terms is an art.

In line with its aim to promote quality legal research and writing, The Contemporary Law Forum is delighted to present to you all the “Guide to Legal Research and Writing”. The Document has been prepared in context of our bonus episode on the Fundamentals of Legal Research and Writing. It aims to provide some valuable points to keep in mind while undertaking the activity of legal research and writing.

This guide has been reviewed by Mr. Sharad Verma (Lawyer, Gray & Company, Canada and Advisory Board Member at TCLF) and Mr. Shivam Singh (Counsel, Chamber 20A, Supreme Court of India)

When searching for Legal Research and Writing, this is a video that will definitely help you understand and interpret this guide better.