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I had the pleasure of working with the brilliant team of Contemporary Law Forum for five months. During my tenure, I was amazed by Shashwat and Anushka’s dedication towards making TCLF a one of a kind legal platform. The team’s enthusiasm and devotion about legal writing is evident from their meticulous planning and stellar execution. Today, I find myself humbled by their zeal and assiduity towards the Forum as well as the warm support and guidance which they provided me, throughout my journey as an Editor. TCLF definitely has a lot more to offer and I wish them godspeed going forward.

Mrudula Dixit Editor TCLF
Mrudula Dixit

I had the opportunity to be a part of the Editorial Board at The Contemporary Law Forum for the period between August – November, 2020. During my tenure as an Editor, I was inspired by the work ethic, diligence and the unwavering will to improve, showcased by each and every member of the Forum. Working as an Editor, under the constant guidance and counsel of the Managing Editors and other senior members of the Forum was a great learning experience. I am grateful for having been a part of the Forum and shall always look forward to any opportunity to work with them in the future.

Atreya Chakraborty TCLF Editor
Atreya Chakraborty

“My short stint with TCLF as an editor proved to be an enriching experience. It afforded me the opportunity to edit quality submissions in diverse legal subjects through interdisciplinary lenses. Contributing to the TCLF Weekly and to the Forum in an editorial capacity was a stimulating and rewarding exercise. TCLF today offers an engaging platform for quality legal research and writing and the opportunity for students to engage with professionals from multiple niche areas of law. I wish TCLF the very best for upcoming endeavours.” – graduate from the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences in Kolkata.

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