International Law

TCLF ONE-ON-ONE| Ep. 39| Working at International Arbitration Institutions ft. Ms. Ereblinda Sadiku

In the latest episode of the TCLF One-on-One Series, We were honoured to host Ms. Ereblinda Sadiku who talks about Responsibilities of a Counsel at an International Arbitration Institution, Institutional vs. Ad-Hoc Arbitrations and Teaching Methods in Civil Law jurisdictions

The Law of State Responsibility: Concerns Presented by Contemporary Environmental Law In Its Application

This essay was awarded the 1st Position at the IDIA-TCLF National Essay Writing Competition, 2021, on the theme, “Intersection of Environment and the Law: Analyzing the Evolving Legal Regime”. The essay focuses upon the challenges presented by contemporary environmental law issues in the application of the law of state responsibility under international law.