Mary Prior QC is now on TCLF Board of Advisors!

Mary Prior QC has a reputation for being a powerful, persuasive advocate who gets results. She has especial expertise in representing or questioning those who would be described as vulnerable. That includes people on the autistic spectrum, those with ADHD, learning difficulties, addicts, sex workers, those in care or who grew up in care. She is regularly instructed to prosecute and defend cases where the key witnesses are vulnerable either because they are children or because they have special needs of some description. Mary teaches advocates how to question vulnerable witnesses and defendants. 

She pays attention to detail and takes great care to ensure that all relevant material is considered and utilized. When prosecuting she gains the trust of the families of the deceased and works well as part of a team of officers and lawyers. When defending she regularly visits her clients to ensure that they develop a relationship of trust with her and that they are able to understand the case against them. Mary is fearless when cross-examining those who require a robust approach. She ensures that the best points in a case are not lost by focus on irrelevancies. She prosecutes and defends in equal measure in the best traditions of the independent Bar.

She provides early and thorough written advice and strategy as to the best approach. She is often commended by Judges for her handling of cases and of witnesses. Mary runs the RASSO training program for the Midland Circuit and produces a newsletter each quarter with updates and developments in the law. She has especial expertise in serious sexual offences. She regularly lectures on advocacy and other aspects of law. She is often instructed in complex, historic sexual offences which involve the control of people and sexual exploitation. She is also often instructed in serious sexual offences against those in professions which involve contact with children and young adults.

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