The Next Step in the Rohingya Genocide: Myanmar’s Report to the ICJ

In our latest post, the author examines the developments in the Application filed by Gambia before the ICJ, alleging violatons of the Genocide Convention in Myanmar’s handling of the Rohingya Crisis. While analysing the ICJ’s January 2020 order and the first report submitted by Myanmar in compliance thereof, the author argues that the international community needs to implement more assertive measures to prosecute the alleged crimes.

TCLF ONE-ON-ONE| Ep. 7 Mr. Ankit Sahni and Mr. Salah Mattoo: International Arbitration & IP Law

In the 7th episode of TCLF ONE-ON-ONE Mr. Ankit Sahni(IP Lawyer, New Delhi) and Mr. Salah Mattoo (Senior Associate, Winston and Strawn LLP) talk about the impact of the COVID crisis on the International arbitration practice, the onset of virtual proceedings, potential Intellectual Property concerns and much more.

Covid-19 and Electronic Health Records: A Dilemma for Privacy and Confidentiality (Part-I)

In this two part blog post, the authors comprehensively analyse data privacy and confidentiality concerns surrounding electronic health records.
In Part-1, the authors analyse interoperability and the conundrum surrounding anonymised data by referring to some important case laws and statutory provisions from advanced jurisdictions.

Police Involvement in the Black Lives Matter Movement: The Need for Selective Allowance (Part-I)

In this two part editorial post, the authors present a compelling piece on the need for selective allowance for police officers to participate in protests in light of the recent “Black Lives Matter” movement .
The first part of this article takes into account the overlapping interests of policeman, and suggests the formation of a comprehensive new protocol to allow for the participation of these police officers.