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How Proud Are We of Our Pride ?

In our latest post, the authors comment upon the legal status surrounding the LGBTQ Community’s right to marry. In doing so, they analyse important provisions of different personal laws and argue that the concerned legislations should be liberalised in order to allow the members of the LGBTQ community to exercise their freedom of choice in respect of marriage.

Covid 19 Aid FCRA Amendment

FCRA Amendments And COVID-19 Aid Drive: An Impact Based Analysis

In this article, the authors provide an impact based analysis of the recent Amendements of the FCRA, examining their effects on NGOs attempting to facilitate vaccination and ensure supply of medicines and essential commodities. In doing so, the authors also attempt to to bring out how the amended FCRA could be used as a legislative tool to keep a check on the PM CARES Fund.

Sexual Violence Assault Laws

Analysing Sexual Assault As A Spectrum

In this post, the author attempts to bring out a narrative for how sexual assault should ideally looked at from a legal lense in India. In doing so, he looks at the existing position of Sexual Assault, examines the Candian jurisdiction’s position in this regard and reasons out as to why the same is not suitable for India, and makes recommendations to the sexual assault law, calling for legislative inclusivity.