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Admissibility of Electronic Evidence

Mandating Certificates for Admissibility of Electronic Evidence under Section 65B of The Evidence Act

In this article, the author has evaluated the provisions regarding the admissibility of electronic evidence under Section 65B of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872. The author analyses the recent Supreme Court judgment of Arjun Khotkar v. Kailash Gorantyal which held that a certificate is ‘mandatory’ for admission of electronic evidence.

Free Speech AI

The Interface between Artificial Intelligence and Free Speech: Implications for India (Part I)

In this two part article, the author sheds light on growing significance of Artificial Intelligence in regulating hate speech and its ramifications on Freedom of Expression.
In Part I, the author talks about existing policies regarding AI in various jurisdictions and their insufficiency vis-à-vis the fear of “chilling effect”.

India Patent Protection

Should India reconsider its Patent Protection Regime in the wake of a “Self-Reliant India”?

In this post, the author argues for the development of a Utility Patent regime in India, in light of the ‘Self-Reliant India’ initiative. In doing so, the author highlights the importance of Utility Patents in fostering inclusive growth, and further provides some interesting suggestions to develop the concerned regime.