TCLF ONE-ON-ONE| Ep. 33| Book Preview: How Gourango Lost His O ft. Sanjoy Ghose

We are delighted to bring you all the 33rd episode of TCLF One-On-One. We were honoured to host Mr. Sanjoy Ghose as our guest for this episode.

Theme: Book Preview

In the latest episode of TCLF One-on-One, Senior Advocate Sanjoy Ghose talks to us about his upcoming book, “How Gourango Lost His O”. The book is a must-read not just for people belonging to the legal profession, but, for anyone who wishes to get some insights into the functioning of legal systems.

Senior Advocate Sanjoy Ghose talks to us about his motivation behind writing the book, the different themes that the book intends to cover, and ultimately, his vision behind the book. We would like to encourage our viewers and readers to give the book a read. You can order a copy of the book, using this link: Link to buy the book

In the latest episode of the TCLF One-on-One Series, Mr. Sanjoy Ghose talks about these and much more.

Guest Profile:

Mr. Sanjoy Ghose is a Senior Advocate at Delhi High Court.


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