BNPL in India: A Convenient Solution with a Dark Side

In this post, the author addresses the exponential growth of India’s fintech sector, particularly highlighting the rise of Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) services driven by a lack of specific regulatory frameworks. They elucidate how while some companies offering BNPL are under NBFC regulations, there’s a need for tailored guidelines to oversee and protect consumers engaging in BNPL transactions. The article further discusses the burgeoning concerns in India’s BNPL market, advocating for a more encompassing regulatory approach to mitigate issues like transparency, fraud, and data protection, aiming to bolster consumer confidence and legitimacy in these services.

Revaluating the Regulatory Approach Towards E-Wallets: The Need to Shift From Activity-Based to Entity-Based Regulation

In this post, the author seeks to highlight the need for a shift in regulatory approach for the e-wallet market and analyses the shortcomings of the current data protection network. In doing so the author proposes a change by adopting an entity-based regulatory model instead of an activity-based regulatory model and showcases how that will benefit the fintech sector.