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Mutual Agreement Procedure vs. Mandatory Binding Arbitration: India’s Stance on Non-Judicial Remedies in DTAAs

In this post, the authors aim to scrutinise the Indian stance on non-judicial remedies of bilateral tax treaties. In doing so, the authors analyse the particulars of Mutual Agreement Procedures and Mandatory Binding Arbitrations, in the context of Indian reservations and OECD recommendations.


Beware Proxy Advisers! The Big Brother is Watching: Key Issues with SEBI’S puzzling Guidelines for Proxy Advisers

In this post, the author argues that the recent SEBI Procedural Guidelines may undermine the liberty of the businesses’ voting advice and establish formidable barriers to entry for new firms. The author also contends that the broadcast of confidential information (i.e. research methods and techniques) by proxy advisers would destroy their business model.