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Data Trust Data Protection Laws

Privacy and the State: Philosophical Anatomy of Data Trusts

In this guest post for our Law and Technology Blog Series, Akash Manwani (Chief Innovation Officer at Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law) has introduced the concept of Data Trusts for securing autonomy of data subjects and preventing misuse by data processors. The author explains the meaning of data trusts, highlights its importance and also provides different ways in which law can regulate such data trusts effectively.

AI Militarization

Crucial Understandings of India’s AI Militarization Landscape – A Comparative Perspective from China

In this article, Nitisha Agrawal and Achyut Tewari (students of Hidayatullah National Law University, Raipur) decode AI Militarisation in the Indian landscape. In Part I of the series, the authors introduce the scope of AI in armed forces and delineate the steps taken by India to bolster the use of technology for surveillance, threat detection and mapping.

Tech Law Series Algorithmic Journalism

Algorithmic Journalism and the False Equivalence of Ideological Conflicts

In this guest post, Abhivardhan (CEO of Internationalism and Founder of Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence) discusses the false equivalence of ideological conflicts vis-à-vis algorithmic journalism. The author argues that algorithmic moderation on social-media which is guided by political ideologies is an unwarranted form of private censorship. Finally, the author suggests certain reforms.