TCLF ONE-ON-ONE| Ep. 20 ft. Dr. Hayleigh Bosher : Copyright in the Music Industry

We are delighted to bring you all the 20th episode of TCLF One-On-One. We were honoured to host Dr Hayleigh Bosher as our guest for this episode.

Theme- Copyright in the Music Industry

  1. Copyright Ownership and Royalties: Musicians vs. Labels.
  2. Rise of streaming platforms: Potential Issues and Considerations.
  3.  Increasing scope of copyright protection in the Music Industry.

In the latest episode of TCLF One-on-One, Dr. Hayleigh Bosher talks about these and much more.

Guest Profile

Ms. Hayleigh is a Senior Lecturer in Intellectual Property Law at Brunel University London, as well as, Visiting Research Fellow at the Centre for Intellectual Property, Policy and Management, writer and Book Review Editor for the specialist IP blog IPKat, founder of the World IP Women (WIPW) network, an Intellectual Property & Entertainment Law consultant. Hayleigh’s main research areas include copyright enforcement and infringement in the entertainment industries, particularly in music, social media, online and more recently in artificial intelligence. Hayleigh’s research always involves public and policy engagement, as such she is widely published in academic peer-reviewed journals, in the press, and has responded to a number of policy inquiries at International, European and UK level. Her most recent book; Copyright in the Music Industry, is accompanied with a playlist and podcast. Hayleigh is a core member of the Centre for Artificial Intelligence and a member of the Research Centre for Law, Economics and Finance at Brunel. Hayleigh joined Brunel in 2018, having previously held positions at Coventry University, The University of the Arts London and the Academy of Digital Entertainment, Breda University (Netherlands).


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