TCLF ONE-ON-ONE| Ep. 41| Insolvency Regime in India: Past, Present and Future ft. Mr. Akash Jauhari

We are delighted to bring you all the 41st episode of TCLF One-On-One. We were honoured to host Mr. Akash Jauhari as our guest for this episode.

Theme: Insolvency Regime in India: Past, Present and Future

In the latest episode of the TCLF One-on-One Series, Mr. Akash Jauhari delves deep into the nuances of insolvency law, unraveling its profound impact on businesses and individuals alike. Mr. Jauhari provides a comprehensive overview of the legal strategies employed in navigating financial distress, offering a unique perspective honed through years of experience in the field.

Guest Profile:

Mr. Akash Chandra Jauhari is Co-Lead and Senior Resident Fellow at Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy, working in the area of Corporate Law and Financial Regulation. He is currently involved in projects relating to insolvency and bankruptcy laws, and regulation of valuation professionals. Mr. Akash holds a B.A. (Pol. Science) LL.B. (Hons.) from National Law University, Odisha, Cuttack.


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