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urban Water Supply

Public Private Partnerships in the Urban Water Supply Sector: Institutional Issues and Solutions

In this post, the author aims to highlight the issues concerning urban water supply in India, and further analyze the working of PPP models in the water supply sector. In doing so, the author would also focus upon the regulation of PPPs in India, and argue for the enactment of a specific PPP legislation.

NEP 2020 Public Government Primary Education

The Two Puzzle Pieces – Learnings from a Public School

In this article, Sakshi Sohoni (Fellow at Teach For India, Pune) evaluates the impact of the Right to Education Act, 2009 on public school teaching. She draws from her own experience in the classroom and highlights practical problems such as teacher training and parent participation in the implementation of a comprehensive education policy.

Protectionism in the Age of Globalisation

Protectionism In The Age of Globalization: An Appraisal Of India’s Economic Policy

In this article, the authors critically analyse India’s tryst with protectionism in the aftermath of Covid-19 pandemic. While doing so, they highlight that this is a significant shift from India’s stance on globalisation and argue that such a protectionist policy is a lost opportunity for India.

BS-6: A Leapfrog to Sustainability

In this post, the author holistically deals with the policy and legal framework relating to emission standards in India. Further, the author highlights the importance of the recently enforced BS-VI standard in ensuring sustainability, along with some recommendations on creating a balance between health and economic interests.