Case Comment

Triloki Nath Singh v. Anirudh Singh: Does the bar under Order XXIII Rule 3A extend to a person who is not made a party to the suit?

In this post, the authors analyse the recent decision of the Supreme Court in Triloki Nath Singh v. Anirudh Singh and argue that the Court erred in its findings by deviating from accepted legal principles regarding representative suits and compromise decree.

Confronting the Puzzling Question of Legal Errors and Judicial Misconduct: Sadhna Chaudhary vs State of UP

“There is no doubt that a judgment, an order or the whole decision-making process can be criticised on merits but can legal errors committed by a judge constitute judicial misconduct? If yes, when can legitimate questions regarding the breach of judicial integrity be raised on the basis of legal errors committed by a judge? Further, can mere suspicion lead to the establishment of judicial misconduct?”