Constitutional Law

Legal Recognition of Same-Sex Unions in India: Notes from Fedotova and Others v. Russia

In this piece, the authors analyse the Centre’s arguments opposing recognition of same-sex unions in light of the European Court of Human Rights’ decision in Fedotova and Others v. Russia, which imposed a positive obligation on member-states to recognize same-sex unions.

Journey To The Lakshadweep Island- Analysing Its Kafkaesque Administration

In this post, the author analyses the bona fides and credence of the recently introduced Lakshadweep Development Authority Regulation Bill. In doing so, the author contends that the Bill is violative of the fundamental rights of the inhabitants, and runs contrary to the pluralist canvas that the framers of our Constitution had envisioned.

How Proud Are We of Our Pride ?

In our latest post, the authors comment upon the legal status surrounding the LGBTQ Community’s right to marry. In doing so, they analyse important provisions of different personal laws and argue that the concerned legislations should be liberalised in order to allow the members of the LGBTQ community to exercise their freedom of choice in respect of marriage.