TCLF ONE-ON-ONE| Ep. 22 ft. Ms. Ishita Pant: Energy Investments & The Energy Charter Treaty

We are delighted to bring you all the 22nd episode of TCLF One-On-One. We were honoured to host Ms. Ishita Pant as our guest for this episode.

Theme- Energy Investments & The Energy Charter Treaty

  1. What is the Energy Charter Treaty? 
  2. What are the different kinds of risks that are to be assessed while investing in the energy sector?
  3. Decreasing the use of fossil fuel and future energy strategies.

In the latest episode of TCLF One-on-One, Ms. Ishita Pant talks about these and much more.

Guest Profile

Ishita is an Investment Expert at the Energy Charter Secretariat. She leads the development of Secretariat’s flagship publication, the Energy Investment Risk Assessment. Her core task involves evaluating legal and regulatory risks to energy investment and advising governments on mitigation measures. She has experience working with countries in Central Asia, South Asia, Middle East and Africa.


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