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Hong Kong protests

Anti-Mask Ban And Now The National Security Law: Are We Seeing The Potential ‘End Of Hong Kong’ Before 2047?

In this post, the author analyses the recent attempts by mainland China to subdue the autonomy of Hong Kong. The author argues that recent laws such as the National Security Act and the Anti-Mask Ban are nothing but an attempt by Mainland China to demolish the fundamental rights of of the citizens of Hong Kong.

Triloki Nath Singh v. Anirudh Singh: Does the bar under Order XXIII Rule 3A extend to a person who is not made a party to the suit?

In this post, the authors analyse the recent decision of the Supreme Court in Triloki Nath Singh v. Anirudh Singh and argue that the Court erred in its findings by deviating from accepted legal principles regarding representative suits and compromise decree.

Analysing WTO-Arbitration under Article 25 of the DSU Agreement and proposing recommendations to incentivize it as a Dispute Resolution Mechanism (PART-I)

(In our latest two part blog post, the authors talk about the need to incentivise WTO Arbitration under Article 25 of the DSU Agreement in light of the prevailing appellate body crisis.) In Part-1 of the article, the authors highlight the key features of Article 25 arbitrations.