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Supreme Court

Intersectionality in Gender-Based Violence: The Supreme Court of India Breaks New Ground

In this article, the authors have analyzed the Supreme Court’s recent reference to intersectionality in the case of Patan Jamal Vali v. State of Andhra Pradesh, by exploring the background and history of the term as well as the domestic jurisprudence and evolution of the concept in India.

Shaheen Bagh Human Rights (Copy)

The Supreme Court’s Judgement in Amit Sahni Case and International Human Rights Law

In this article, Adnan Yousuf (a final year law student at Faculty of Law, Jamia Millia Islamia) has analysed the Amit Sahni Judgement from the perspective of human rights law. The author has argued that the judgement is contrary to Article 21 of the ICCPR and the recently adopted General Comment 37 to the right of assembly.

Homosexuality LGBTQ

India, Singapore and Their Hetergenous Response to Homosexuality: An Analysis of Jurisprudential Differences

When the Supreme Court of India, one of the largest common law systems in the world legalised same sex relations by striking down Sec. 377 of the IPC, it resulted in much joy across the world amongst gender minorities.
However, things have not been as flowery everywhere. In this post, the author tries to chart the jurisprudential journey of homosexuality in two former British colonies, India and Singapore and to analyze the differences in their approach.

Rohingya Genocide Human Rights

The Next Step in the Rohingya Genocide: Myanmar’s Report to the ICJ

In our latest post, the author examines the developments in the Application filed by Gambia before the ICJ, alleging violatons of the Genocide Convention in Myanmar’s handling of the Rohingya Crisis. While analysing the ICJ’s January 2020 order and the first report submitted by Myanmar in compliance thereof, the author argues that the international community needs to implement more assertive measures to prosecute the alleged crimes.

Hong Kong protests

Anti-Mask Ban And Now The National Security Law: Are We Seeing The Potential ‘End Of Hong Kong’ Before 2047?

In this post, the author analyses the recent attempts by mainland China to subdue the autonomy of Hong Kong. The author argues that recent laws such as the National Security Act and the Anti-Mask Ban are nothing but an attempt by Mainland China to demolish the fundamental rights of of the citizens of Hong Kong.