TCLF ONE-ON-ONE | Bonus Ep. ft. Mr. Tushar Kumar : Pre-Pack Insolvencies

We are delighted to bring you all the Special episode of TCLF One-On-One. We were honoured to host Mr. Tushar Kumar as our guest for this episode.

Theme- Pre-Pack Insolvencies 

  1. What is Pre-Pack Insolvency and What are its benefits?
  2. Indian vs. UK Approach towards Pre-Pack Insolvencies
  3. Relationship of Pre-Pack Insolvencies with other Provisions of the IBC

In the latest episode of TCLF One-on-One, Mr. Tushar Kumar talks about these issues and much more.

Guest Profile

Mr. Tushar Kumar is a graduate of National Law University, Lucknow. He is currently working as an Associate at E&Y, and has previously worked as a Research Associate at the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs. He is the Managing Editor of the Insolvency & Bankruptcy Law Blog. 

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