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India Mandatory Arbitration Mutual Agreement OECD

Mutual Agreement Procedure vs. Mandatory Binding Arbitration: India’s Stance on Non-Judicial Remedies in DTAAs

In this post, the authors aim to scrutinise the Indian stance on non-judicial remedies of bilateral tax treaties. In doing so, the authors analyse the particulars of Mutual Agreement Procedures and Mandatory Binding Arbitrations, in the context of Indian reservations and OECD recommendations.

Supreme Court

Intersectionality in Gender-Based Violence: The Supreme Court of India Breaks New Ground

In this article, the authors have analyzed the Supreme Court’s recent reference to intersectionality in the case of Patan Jamal Vali v. State of Andhra Pradesh, by exploring the background and history of the term as well as the domestic jurisprudence and evolution of the concept in India.

Journey To The Lakshadweep Island- Analysing Its Kafkaesque Administration

In this post, the author analyses the bona fides and credence of the recently introduced Lakshadweep Development Authority Regulation Bill. In doing so, the author contends that the Bill is violative of the fundamental rights of the inhabitants, and runs contrary to the pluralist canvas that the framers of our Constitution had envisioned.