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Legal Research and Writing TCLF One-on-One

TCLF ONE-ON-ONE| Bonus Ep. Mr. Sharad Verma: Fundamentals of Legal Research & Writing

In the bonus episode of TCLF One-on-One, Sharad Verma (Gray & Company, Canada) talks about the “Fundamentals of Legal Writing & Research”. Sharad has served as the Editor-in-Chief of the Indian Constitutional Law Review. Further, he has contributed to some of the most coveted journals in India as well as abroad, amassing extensive experience in legal research and writing.

Insolvency and Bankruptcy Abhirup Dasgupta

TCLF ONE-ON-ONE| Ep.8 Mr Abhirup Dasgupta: Understanding Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code

In the latest episode of TCLF ONE-ON-ONE, Abhirup Dasgupta (Partner, HSA Advocates) talks about his journey in the profession, his experience of being a part of the first insolvency petition in India, the major amendments and changes in the insolvency law over the years and the recent Ordinance which has brought about various changes to the IBC in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

International Arbitration Law and Intellectual Property Rights

TCLF ONE-ON-ONE| Ep. 7 Mr. Ankit Sahni and Mr. Salah Mattoo: International Arbitration & IP Law

In the 7th episode of TCLF ONE-ON-ONE Mr. Ankit Sahni(IP Lawyer, New Delhi) and Mr. Salah Mattoo (Senior Associate, Winston and Strawn LLP) talk about the impact of the COVID crisis on the International arbitration practice, the onset of virtual proceedings, potential Intellectual Property concerns and much more.

Ms. Radha Raghavan on TCLF One-on-One discusses Arbitration

TCLF ONE-ON-ONE| Ep.6 Ms. Radha Raghavan: The Present & Future of International Investment Disputes

In the latest episode of TCLF One-on-One, Ms. Radha Raghavan (Of Counsel at Draper and Draper LLC, New York) talks about her experience of working in New York, a commercial hub and popular seat for International Arbitrations, emerging issues in International Investment disputes, FDI prospects for India and much more.