TCLF ONE-ON-ONE| Ep. 11 Ms. Irene Calboli: Innovative Academic Models and Trademark Law

We are delighted to bring to you all the 11th episode of TCLF One-on-One. We were honoured to host Professor Irene Calboli as our guest for this Episode. Ms. Calboli is a Professor of Law at the Texas A&M University School of Law.

Irene is a world renowned name in the field of Intellectual Property Law. A professor of law with two decades of experience, she has authored (and edited) many books, journal articles, and book chapters. Her current publications focus on overlapping IP rights, trademarks and geographical indications, and the exhaustion of IP rights. Besides serving as a Professor at Texas A&M University School of Law, she is also a Fellow at the Transatlantic Technology Law Forum at Stanford Law School, Visiting Professor at Business School, Nanyang Technological University and Distinguished Fellow at the Royal University of Law and Economics in Cambodia.

Conversation in this episode is based on the theme “Innovative Academic Models, Looking beyond Patents, and Comparative Trademark Law”. Ms. Calboli talks about a career in legal academia, the importance of practical exposure for academics, looking beyond Patents in the access debate, comparative trademark law and much more.

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